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Krystle Flynn

E-RYT 200, RYT 500, BS 

Krystle, a karma Yogi, mother, recreation enthusiast, and artist,

has been practicing and studying the delights of Yoga and Pilates since 2010.

 She began her studies by receiving her 200 hr. certification and then took a step further into her 500 hr. with Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC. She has worked with a wide variety of students and has taught to all ages from toddlers to seniors. She has brought her teaching to many privately in their homes, has led group lessons in studios as well as various country clubs, and at-risk youth facilities. Leaving her with a rich experience of working with many demographics, ages, and ailments, and is incredibly grateful to share her knowledge and joy with those who seek it.


Devoted to her personal practice, education, and teaching, while healing many traumas of her own, from physical injuries to emotional trauma, such as major sprains to anxiety and post partum depression.

 Her personal experience, and professional experience with many demographics, being brought up in a multicultural family, and her desire to encourage inclusive spaces for all peoples to recreate safely and joyfully, has inspired her to create Pink Salt Wellness.  

Community and better understanding of each other and how we uniquely and universally express ourselves is something she finds interesting and believes it can be explored through practices such as Yoga. 

 She has now brought her teaching to the Bay Area in Oakland, CA with a studio that is diverse in its health and wellness offerings.

Come as you are, and find your joy with us!


"Krystle has been a constant joy and inspiration. She is a natural teacher. Her knowledge provides the perfect balance of physical & meditative practices. Krystle has increased my awareness of the breath and its relationship to my muscles. Yoga has been life changing. To have more energy, flexibility, & calm in my body at age 71 is truly remarkable."


"Krystle has a spiritual & calming voice that is mixed with accurate descriptions of yoga poses that compel a student to reach beyond their limits in her vinyasa flow yoga classes."


"My wife & I have been a client of Krystle's now for over 4 years. We began taking Yoga at the recommendation of our primary care physician. We both have greatly benefited from it & feel that it has contributed to a better a quality of life. Krystle has customized every session to where we are physically & mentally. She pushes us when the time is right & knows when we are at our limits.



Evelyn Villa

Evelyn has been on a spiritual journey ever since she was a young student
questioning the ways and whys of the Universe. It is her belief that her
decades long journey of self realization has been the stepping stone for her
present role as yogi, teacher, grandmother! She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and is an experienced registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance.

Evelyn traveled to India in 2014 to immerse herself in learning the foundations of Iyengar Yoga at B.K.S. Iyengar’s overseen Yoga Ganga Ashram, Old Rajpur, at the foothills of the Himalayas. She has a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Certification from CorePower Berkeley and YogaFit and has mentored in Workshops/Immersions led by Seane Corn, Janet Stone, Jason Crandell, Pamela Maldonado, MC Yogi, Jason Crandell, Nubia Teixeria and Jai Uttal, and Rajiv and Swati Chanchani. Hala Khouri. The yoga she teaches is an exploratory journey of self acceptance searching to bridge
together a sense of truth, trust, and integrity.

Evelyn loves to teach Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin within a tapestry of
intuitive awakening, somatic release and the cultivation of DEEP


Judi Quan

Judi began her own yoga journey in an effort to reconnect with her inner voice. As an instructor, her classes mirror her path toward finding peace and joy on the mat in the meditative stillness of restorative yoga. Her focus is on creating a safe and healing environment where students can honor their individuality, while finding a personal path that nourishes their spirit. Her classes often feature themes based on building a sense of rest, gratitude, wholeness, and the celebration of inter-connectedness with others.  


Judi is an E-RYT 200, RYT 500, and is a Judith Hanson Lasater Certified Level I & II - Relax and Renew Restorative instructor.  She holds an online Certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga and is a certified Wellness Coach and Meditation Instructor.  


Currently she is studying Somatic Therapeutics.  Her past studies include: Zen Buddhism Meditation, Buddhist Contemplative Care, and the science and neuroscience surrounding happiness, gratitude and compassion.


C'mone Larissa

C’Mone started practicing yoga for fitness shortly after the birth of her first daughter. She quickly began to learn the healing aspects yoga lends to life and began incorporating yoga into her everyday life. Offering a variety of Vinyasa classes for varying experience levels, her classes often focus on moving with ease and calm, encouraging students to challenge themselves in new ways. 


She has been introducing yoga to new students since 2011 and recently obtained her 200 hr certification from Hot Spot Yoga. In addition to Vinyasa, C’Mone also teaches Yin yoga and personalized meditation. She holds a passion for introducing the benefits of yoga to communities who may not be familiar with or have access to the practice.


Mhairi Scallion

Mhairi Started teaching Vinyasa Yoga in 2015.
She started her yoga journey back in 2000 and has realized this is the practice that elevates her life the most. After suffering from PTSD and anxiety for many years she overcame both from the yoga practice and meditation.

She decided to dive deeper into the practice and get her 200 YTT Certification in 2015 quickly after going into a 50 hour extension mentorship program at Worlds yoga as well as mentoring other new teachers. In 2016 she got her certification in the prison project yoga program that involves more intense training learning to guide postures and meditation in different non based studio environments.

Mhairi's past studies are Crystal healing Mindfulness training, meditation, and received her Reiki 111, and Master certification back in 2018. Mhairi’s empathy and compassion for others that have suffered from trauma, ptsd , and anxiety, has brought her to a place to become a teacher.
She wants to help others achieve the magic connection between breath and movement and to come back into space of grounding and healing in the body so that her students can reconnect to their true selves.


Stephanie Walpole

Stephy is passionate about many things, but her family, rescued dogs, and Yoga take the lead as her top three. Hailing from New York and based in the Bay Area, she earned her 500-hour teacher training certification from Yoga Garden in San Francisco and has been teaching since 2020. Stephy obtained specialized training in Prenatal Yoga and values empowering those in all stages of their pregnancy through the practice of breath and movement. She is also excitingly expecting her first child with her partner in August 2022, which initially ignited her devotion for offering Prenatal Yoga. In addition to teaching, Stephy achieved her Masters degree in Expressive Arts Therapy, and holds positions as an Astrologer and Expressive Arts Facilitator. Her other joys include traveling, hiking, camping, surfing, creating art, gardening, and cooking. 


Stephy found her way to Yoga over a decade ago as a way to help her practice mindfulness and grounding. She discovered on her journey that Yoga also helped her immensely with deepening her spirituality and creativity. As a Yoga teacher, Stephy's intention is to help students discover the unique balance between strength and flexibility through breath and movement as they explore their edges and experience a sense of renewal. She hopes her students are able to find moments of refuge on their mats and use what they learned during their practice in their day-to-day lives.


Carolyn Weatherbee

Carolyn believes deeply in our ability to know what's true and best for ourselves. She strives to create an environment where students can connect with their own inner knowing, reach for what they desire in life, and find peace and balance day to day. 


She's been teaching yoga since 2011 and has extensive experience helping people tune their bodies and minds. Carolyn has worked as a personal trainer, crisis counselor, holds a degree in psychology, and numerous certifications to support these endeavors. Always thirsty to learn and grow, she brings that passion and focus into the classroom. 


Off the mat, Carolyn is a homeschool Mama, pilot, and artist. She loves being outside, traveling, running, reading, and gardening; and, looks forward to connecting with YOU. 


Lindsey Hardy

Yoga has been a lifelong practice for Lindsey, due to her parents meeting in a yoga class in Mexico in the 80s. Both had diverse backgrounds in the practice and yoga brought them together. Lindsey began a daily asana practice in 2004 because her high school offered yoga instead of PE, since then she has done three trainings, many workshops, manages an Ayurvedic center and is studying yoga therapy.


Iyengar and Ashtanga are her favorite practices.

Victoria Garcia Drago

Victoria Garcia Drago

Victoria Garcia Drago has been sharing her knowledge and passion for Yoga in research and with students of many levels, including professional athletes, for more than two decades. Victoria's primary teacher is Barbara Benagh. She’s also studied with Shiva Rea, among other teachers. Victoria’s main purpose is to integrate her background in Education, Psychology and Integrative Studies to offer a more comprehensive and accessible approach to wellness in English and Spanish.

Victoria was part of the research team at Boston Medical Center(BMC) “Back to Health”, led by Robert Saper, MD. Victoria taught Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain to study participants from 2010-2014. In 2018, Victoria was invited to present “Integrative Approaches to Pain Management” in the Conference for Nutrition and Health in Boston. Since 2018, Victoria taught a weekly Yoga class at BMC, department of Integrative Medicine, for chronic pain patients.

Victoria has produced a bilingual (English-Spanish) Yoga DVD. Originally from Argentina, Victoria lived in Boston for twenty years. Currently, Victoria lives in Oakland, CA, she’s teaching hybrid classes where she still teaches some of her students from Boston, and also offering Wellness Coaching. Victoria is working in collaboration with Boston Medical Center and Butler Hospital in the YogaMAT (Medication for Addiction Treatment), led by Lisa Uebelacker, PhD. This research is to study yoga, chronic pain, and opiates addiction. Victoria also collaborates with Dr. Uebelacker on a comparative study on yoga & CBT for depressed adults.


Stephenie Williams

Meet our newest instructor!

Stephenie started her yoga journey in 2012, after being introduced to the practice through fitness videos during high school gym class. She was immediately drawn to the sense of relaxation and meditative release that yoga offered. 


Over the years as the demands of life increased, the dedication to her yoga practice also increased. For Stephenie, yoga is a practice of being in the now, about being completely in the present moment. When pulled out of the mind and settled into the body, all else falls away. The physical practice of yoga itself is a meditation, a journey to acceptance and allowing everything to just be. 


After many years of practice and searching for a yoga teacher training, Stephenie finally completed her 200-Hour YTT in the Summer of 2022 through the EkaShri Schools of Yoga. Trained in the style of Vinyasa Krama, Stephenie structures her classes in a step by step format that combines both strength and flexibility while offering modifications to maintain accessibility for all. Expect movement, breath, and meditation for an energizing and uplifting class. 


Off the mat you can find Stephenie drawing, reading, spending time in the garden, cooking something up in the kitchen, or going kayaking and camping around California.

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"Sé que no van a creerme, pero canta, canta la sal, la piel del los salares, canta con una boca ahogada por la tierra"


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