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The History and Benefits of Halotherapy

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

  • May help with heart and cardiovascular health

  • May aid in recovery and repair

  • Relaxation

  • Better sleep

  • Relieving stress and tension

  • Natural pain relief

  • May improve skin health

  • Releases toxins through sweat

Halotherapy, (Halo - Greek for salt) or dry salt therapy, involves breathing in tiny micron sized salt particles to improve your breathing and alleviate symptoms of certain lung conditions and also may help with skin conditions and allergies.

Speleotherapy, a practice which involves visiting salt caves or chambers for therapeutic reasons, has been a common practice in Europe since the 12th century. Despite workings in mines all day, Polish miners in the 1800s, were usually very healthy, & weren't as likely to get colds or coughs. It was then concluded that the exposure to the salt dust helped to keep their lungs free from allergies, inflation, infection, and strengthened their immune system.​​

Some of the first Halotherapy salt chambers opened around 1960 in Eastern Europe. They were destination health sanatoriums and respiratory hospitals, paid for by the socialized medical system of those countries. Over time Halotherapy grew even more popular in the 1980s and 1990s, health and beauty resorts & spas throughout Europe began to build salt rooms with Halotherapy as one of their restorative treatments.

Come experience & enjoy the many health benefits of salt therapy in our new salt sanctuary at Pink Salt Wellness!

Dry Salt Therapy may help alleviate symptoms of:

Respiratory disorders such as

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

  • Smoker’s cough

  • Pneumonia

  • Chronic Bronchitis

  • Sinusitis

  • Allergic Rhinopathy

Skin conditions such as

  • Acne

  • Eczema

  • Neurodermatitis

  • Psoriasis

  • Rashes

Infections such as 

  • Cold or Cough

  • Viral infections

  • Bronchial Infections

  • Sinus Infections

  • Flu

  • Ear Infections

  • Rhinitis

Stress-related issues such as 

  • Fatigue

  • Depression

  • Headaches

  • Lethargy

  • Stress

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