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Femme Flow

Monday & Friday


Pink Salt Wellness original, Femme Flow. Femme Flow is a curated class specifically for pelvic health. With curiosity we will explore the emotion held in the hips, the intention on focused breathing, balancing over tight or over loose pelvic floor muscles, while connecting to the creative (womb) energy held within the pelvic floor, glutes, and core. Greatly encouraged during any moon phase, an essential class for pre and post natal health.

Subtle Body Stretch

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, &  Friday


Another Pink Salt Wellness original, Subtle Body Stretch. This is a Gentle, Yin, and Restorative Yoga blend. There will be a focus on the subtle body and energetics and how the flow of our breath may effect areas in our life including physical, energetic, mental, wisdom, and blissful self. We will awaken areas in the body that require a softening attention. Lots of deep but gentle stretching, and integrating all five layers for a full body approach to health & wellness. 

Vin / Yin

Mondays & Wednesdays

6:30 pm

A little flex and a little stretch. The class will start with a vinyasa flow that links breath with movement in a a sequence designed to build energy to then prepare your body or deep relaxation in the second half of class where you will settle into restorative postures. There will be an emphasis on hip and heart opening. All levels are welcome, expect an accessible beginner/intermediate class.

Salty Sunrise Flow

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday


Salty Sunrise flow is a Vinyasa Flow Yoga inspired class which has a special focus on connecting the breath with flowing movement. The practice is similar to a moving meditation that enhances awareness, freedom, and fluidity throughout he body and mind. Expect a class filled with twists, hip opening, backbends, and inversions. All levels are welcome, expect an intermediate flow. 

Warm Vinyasa  Flow

Tuesday 6:00pm,

 Friday 1:00pm,




This class is sure to get your body warm and moving! the room is gently heated to no more than 78 degrees to keep your muscles warm with an emphasis on getting your heart rate up with cardio inspired flows. Get ready to move and get sweaty! All levels welcome, expect an accessible intermediate flow.

Warm Yin Yoga


7:00pm &

Sunday 4:30pm

Dare to stretch deeply. Get ready to rest deeply and create space to relax within. This class is gently heated to no more than 78 degrees to keep your muscles warm, with an emphasis on deep stretching that goes beyond your muscles and into your connective tissue called fascia. All levels are welcome, expect an accessible beginner/intermediate class. 

Postnatal Yogalates



This is a baby friendly class (3-18months) with the main intention to help mamas and caretakers to get some time on the mat to connect and tune back in. Postnatal Yogalates is designed for any one who has had a baby. even if your kids are 'grown-up.' The gentle Yoga and core Pilates exercises in this class will help you to regain strength. heal from labor and the changes that came along with pregnancy, and embrace the transformed body you are in! limited space of 8 adult participants. An accessible class for most bodies.

Prenatal Yoga

Monday 4:45pm

& Thursday


Prenatal Yoga invites expecting persons at any stage of their pregnancy to engage in breath & movement that could support birthing & labor, as well as prenatal & postnatal health. Students will explore how to use their breath to find nourishment, ease stress and prepare for labor. In combination with movement, students will be able to deepen their intuition & create awareness of their own mind-body-spirit connection, as well as deepen their connection to their growing baby. Students will also have an opportunity to build a community with other expecting persons, as well as cultivate a sense of empowerment while navigating personal choices in their own unique pregnancy journey. Our Prenatal Yoga class is accessible for all trimesters. We offer two different class times and styles of Prenatal Yoga. On Monday, a strength building approach we call Prenatal Mindful Flow. Thursday, a gentle, deep stretching and low to earth approach we call Prenatal Yin and Restore.

Restorative Yoga



Restorative yoga is a style of yoga that encourages physical, mental, and emotional relaxation
where students can rest and restore themselves from the fast and ongoing demands of modern
life. Appropriate for all levels, restorative yoga is practiced at a slow and gentle pace, where 
restful poses are held for longer periods (10-20 minutes), in meditative stillness, and while 
maintaining a state between wakefulness and sleep. The practice of restorative yoga heals the 
parasympathetic nervous system, aids in digestion and the relief of chronic pain, enhances
mood and nourishes the major organs of the body.  

Inversion Excursion

Tuesday 7:30pm

An adventurous exploration of yogic inversion postures. In this class we will explore a variety of inversions from backbends to headstands, forearms stands, and the preparation required to take flight into each posture. We will focus on one main inversion posture and break it down with pre and post exercises. Come & explore the many benefits of going upside down!

Sculpt Yoga



Ready to get toned? This strength based class offers postures that will have you moving, breathing, and sweating! Expect advanced balancing and standing postures that engage core strength. Perfect balance of both strength conditioning while building heat with slow flow vinyasa. All levels welcome, expect an accessible intermediate/advance class. 

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